'Tis the season of love, or at least so they say. If you are looking for the best place in Cheyenne to take a first date we have a few suggestions for you.

Everyone is different when it comes to a going on a first date. We tried to keep this list full of casual, inexpensive, suggestions. If your idea of a first date is a candle lit dinner via limo ride, this probably isn't the place for you.


  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media


    Make sure your date is comfortable doing something outdoorsy, and make sure they realize there's a drive to Veadauwoo. But, if you pay your cards right, this is a great spot for fun and getting to know someone.

  • Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media
    Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media

    Paramount Cafe

    The Paramount is a local favorite, but feel free to fill in the blank with your favorite coffee shop. Cheyenne has several of them, and there's nothing like a cup of coffee to hep start a conversation.

  • Black Dog Animal Rescue
    Black Dog Animal Rescue

    Animal Shelter

    If your date is an animal lover, score immediate points by taking he/she to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter or Black Dog Animal Rescue. Normally if you call in advance and explain, they'll let you take an animal out for a walk.

  • Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media
    Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media

    Accomplice Brewing Company

    Grab a couple drinks in a laid back environment. If there's any awkward moments you can kill them by pouring your own beer on their tap system, or by discussing the different brews.

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    Getty Images

    Lincoln $ Saver

    Catch a movie at the Lincon Saver. This is the older theater in downtown that has a bit more romance than the others. Plus, it's cheaper.

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