CFD has been running for 122 years now.  It takes a lot to shock the law enforcement and get them scratching their heads.

Cheyenne Frontier Days 2018 has been one for the ages already when it comes to trash.  The CPD are use to picking up cans, bottles, cars on lawns, needles, tampons, people getting rowdy and even a condom or two .

But this one takes the cake, the CPD found not just one but two catheters with a bag.  At first, they thought it was two colostomy bags.  Either way that is disgusting, the Cheyenne Police Department is asking that everyone dispose of their garbage properly.  Let's all make an effort to keep the park and area clean.

Maybe it came from one of the folks in the Party Zone, is this how they can stand there all night and not go to the bathroom?

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