As another Memorial Day has passed, Insurify released a list of the 'Most Patriotic Cities in Each State'. For 2020, Cheyenne has earned that title in Wyoming.

The honor is awarded to cities and towns across the U.S. with the greatest share of citizens that have served our nation. Insurify identified this through car insurance applications in each community that showed whether the applicant was an active service member or a veteran.

On the full list, many states' most patriotic cities tend to be those located near military bases or that contain one. Of course, Cheyenne has Francis E. Warren Air Force Base.

In Colorado, the most patriotic city goes to Peyton, CO, which is a community slightly to the northeast of Fort Carson, CO, along with several military bases near the Colorado Springs area.

In terms of states that I've lived in during my radio career, I noticed the most popular cities containing military bases were chosen for that particular state, which would make the most sense. To view the full list, you can click here.

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