You definitely would not think a single person would have it easy during a pandemic when you're literally told to keep your distance from people. But wouldn't you know it, Cheyenne is one of the top cities in the nation for single life.

Our friends at WalletHub did research on 180 of the most populated cities in the nation and out of all those cities in the country, Cheyenne finished as the 29th best city overall for singles. That's pretty exceptional given the amount of cities.

While there were several determining factors used in the research, just a few were 'share of the population that is currently single', 'number of online dating opportunities', and 'average price for a two-person meal'. In terms of the latter option, both Cheyenne and Casper, WY tied for having the lowest-average meal cost at just $25. Should we just start thanking Applebee's for their 2 for $20 now or what? **(DISCLAIMER: We are not suggesting you take your date to Applebee's)** But $25 is 4.5 times less than the city on the list with the most expensive which is Cape Floral, FL at $112.50. They are definitely not taking their dates to Applebee's.

While Cheyenne finished at the top of the economics rank *cough*-cheap date- category, we also managed to finish in the top 100 for 'Fun and Recreation' at a 96th ranking. That means we finished ahead of cities like Memphin, TN (97), Phoenix, AZ (152), Los Angeles, CA (99), and ahead of Louisville, KY (103) So take that Louisville! Who says there's nothing fun to do in Cheyenne?

Cheyenne also finished 66th in 'Dating Opportunities' so that's means there are definitely plenty of opportunities out there.

So look at Cheyenne thriving in the dating world, during a pandemic nonetheless.

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