ROTC and AARP teamed up with East and Triumph high schools for a day of teaching seniors how to use today's technology.

Broghan Foster was one of the students that helped with teaching seniors how to use cell phones and tablets.  Foster is an East High student who is in the schools Interact Club, which is basically a Rotary Club.  Broghan spent Saturday at the Laramie County Library along with his fellow peers teaching seniors.

“Generational misunderstanding have probably occurred as long as people have been able to communicate,” Joan Anderson, one of the seniors apart of the program told Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

Knowing how to use technology these days is a must, but can be a totally different language for some, intimidating and even embarrassing.  Technology helps with everyday activities and is a great way to stay connected with friends and family.  30 years ago, you could write a letter and wait for a response in a week or so.  Today, you can video chat anyone in the world in seconds.

This is the first of many events like this in the state of Wyoming.  AARP is working with communities all across the state and set up 11 more events like this one.

Should there be more of these classes?  Maybe monthly?  Technology is changing every day, let the youth of today help you into tomorrow.

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