Chronicles Distilling recently closed down due to Gov. Mark Gordon's emergency order for public places to shut their doors. Now they're switching gears to make hand sanitizer for agencies to use during the pandemic.

According to Wyoming News Now, Chronicles co-founder, Chase Leasher noticed on social media that several distilleries are now using their alcohol to make hand sanitizer. The purpose is to distribute it to agencies such as hospitals and the VA. Leasher said in a statement:

At first we were going to do it on our own to provide it to people in Cheyenne, whoever needed it or wanted it...I got a phone call from EMS, and he said that they needed a hell of a lot of hand sanitizer for hospitals and rest homes, and we're like 'Ok, so this is a little more serious than we thought.

Chronicles is teaming up with companies such as Jackson Hole Still Works, Snowy Elk Coffee Company, Pine Bluffs Distilling, and others to help make this happen. The current project is in its early stages, but for those who would like to pitch in, you can do so by going to

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