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There are several strange buildings and homes in Colorado. If you've driven on I-70 around the Genessee area of the state outside of Denver you've probably noticed what many refer to as the 'clam house.' We've also got 'drop city,' which isn't really a city but is full of abstract buildings. However, one odd building that I just learned about is the abandoned 'space church' in Colorado Springs.

The Space Church Has Since Been Abandoned

The 'space church' was once just that, a church, but is now abandoned. However, the structure still stands and is definitely a sight to be seen.

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Resembles an Igloo

The building looks like an igloo with numerous entryways, and while it is unclear as to why it was originally erected, it did once serve as a church. In fact, there are still stained-glass windows as well as a couple of giant crosses adorning the building.

Take a look at the now-abandoned 'space church' in Colorado Springs:

Check Out Colorado’s Abandoned ‘Space Church’

There is a very strange, igloo-shaped building in Colorado that once served as a church:

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