Casper once again tops the list of Wyoming cities that drinks the most alcohol.

Last November, 24/7 Wall Street told us that Casper was the drunkest. This year, the Oil City remains holder of that title.

The newest study was released by USA Today. According to their findings, a whopping 18.2% of adults drink excessively. And, a staggering 40% of driving deaths in the area had alcohol play a factor.

Not far behind, as a whole, the state of Wyoming reported that 17.5% of adults drank excessively.

That number puts Wyoming slightly above the national average as the 27th most heavily-driving state.

North Dakota ranks as the state with the most drinking problems as just over a quarter of adults drink heavily. Fargo is their top spot for binge drinking.

Meanwhile, the home of Jack Daniels, Tennessee ironically is the least drunk state. An average of 11.2% of adults say they drink heavily.

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