Social distancing just got that much better! Now you can play all the Cards Against Humanity all you want online with your friends!

One more way to get through your quarantine at home just became available as you can play one of the most fun and/or sick minded games online with the friends of your choice. You can play with up to six people with the option of setting up voice and/or video calls. To do so, you can go to and play for free!

In case you've somehow never played Cards Against Humanity, keep in mind, it is certainly NSFW. Of course, these days, many people are working from home so that might not matter so much. Just keep in mind that the slogan of the game is 'a party game for horrible people'. Now that I think about it, that could be a reason why I always win when I play my friends (**pause for concerned self-reflection...**). But that's a story for another time.

The main point is you can now play Cards Against Humanity against your friends while you're social distancing and make all the inappropriate jokes that you want. Although, you might not want to use the company laptop for it from home, fair warning.

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