Wildfire season is in full swing, especially in California. Several fires, including three huge ones in northern California, are burning. The fires are bringing evacuations, property loss, and devastation to the Golden State.

One man from Vacaville, California wasn't going to let his home go into the fire. Vacaville is about 55 miles northeast of San Francisco. The town is one of many that have been dealing with the LNU Lightning Complex fires. Last Wednesday (August 20) when the fire approached Chad Little’s property, he decided to do whatever he could to protect his home and shop.

As Little told Sacramento's KCRA News, he thought he was prepared to withstand the fire. He has hoses around his property and was ready to fight. But, then the water pressure disappeared. Little then stared clearing dry grass in an effort to thwart the fire as it moved in on him.

As the fire started to overwhelm Little, it burned several of his cars and his shop started burning as he ran out of the water he had stored. So, Little grabbed the only liquid he had on hand, cans of Bud Light.

"My buddies always tease me about drinking 'water-beer,' I say, hey it saved my shop," Little told KCRA.

As the fire was spreading to across the floor of his shop he started grabbing cans of beer, shaking them up, puncturing them with a nail, and spraying the fire. He was able to put out the fire in his shop with the beer as firefighter arrived to help.

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