Almost everyday there seems to be a wild animal in the middle of the road that won't move. Sheriff's in Montana may not have the solution to getting all wildlife moving, but they figured out a way to get bison off the road, AC/DC's 'Hells Bells,' according to KULR 8.

Wildlife can be very stubborn and don't want to move when they find themselves in the middle of the roads. Let's be honest, some of these animals are so big and scary there's no way you can physically try to get them to move. There may not be a solution for moose, bear and other wildlife but the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office in Montana came up with a very humane way to get the bison moving. The deputies blast classic rock band, AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells' through their speakers. Evidently it gets the bison moving.

'Hells Bells' is only used in drastic matters. Most bison will take off once the deputies hit their sirens or air horn but every once in awhile AC/DC has to come out.

This goes out to all the County Sheriff's in Wyoming, all deputies need to have AC/DC ready at all times on their phones in case a bison takes over a roadway.

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