A persistent legend around the Menantico Ponds area of Millville, New Jersey is the existence of a family of bigfoot.

An area resident who shares videos on YouTube claims to have befriended the bigfoot family, including a juvenile, apparently named Kevin.

The man in question posts videos on YouTube under the name, "Man of Light." This year he's posted more than 70 Bigfoot-in-Millville-related videos.

Earlier this year we heard of a story about the Man of Light's search for bigfoot at Menantico Ponds. I also did my own search for the hairy fellow at Menantico Ponds.

I came up empty, but Man of Light continues his pursuit of bigfoot, posting at least one video every couple of weeks. His videos can be found on his YouTube channel here.

Passion is a good thing. Man of Light is passionate about his bigfoot quest. In several of his videos, he presents "evidence" that he says shows bigfoot, footprints, and more.

I've watched a lot of his videos, and honestly, I don't see what he sees - but, that doesn't mean he's wrong - maybe I just can't see it and it's there.

His latest video reported shows a juvenile bigfoot, Kevin. Again, personally, I'm not seeing it. He also presents an audio clip of "Kevin." I do hear the clip, but there's no way to know how authentic it is and whether or not it's the sound of a Bigfoot. Here's that latest video:

What do you think? Do you see a Bigfoot? Do you hear Kevin? Are you a believer?

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