Remember earlier in the year when we first heard how murder hornets were invading the country? Of course you don't, because that was in back in May, which seems like 17 years ago. But now, scientists are predicting they will start spreading out in the U.S.

The murder hornets that currently live in the country are primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but recent studies done at Washington State University are showing that there are several suitable climates for the murder hornets throughout the country and worldwide.

Washington State University entomologist David Crowder said from their research:

This could be, if it were to become established, one of the most damaging invasive species that we could almost imagine. Preventing the establishment and spread of Asian giant hornets in western North America is critical for protecting bees and beekeepers.

The WSU team is currently studying how fast the insects can move and successfully establish a nest in several different scenarios.

Based on the research to this point, potential habitats for the murder hornets include the east and west coasts of the U.S., adjacent areas of Canada, a large portion of Europe, northwestern and southeastern South America, central Africa, eastern Australia, and most of New Zealand. That is a lot of areas around the world which is also pretty terrifying.

It also seems that the murder hornets can travel up to about 68 miles per year. So for now, we're pretty safe in Wyoming. However, several years down the line, the murder hornets may decide to strike. When that time comes for Wyoming, don't say you weren't warned.

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