With so many people working from home since the start of the ongoing pandemic, perhaps it could be easy to crack open a cold one while on the job. Of course, some are back to work at this point across the country and still knocking back a few drinks while on the job. But just how much?

Zippia recently did some research to see what percentage of employees in each state are drinking on the job. Based on a survey of workers from each state, it seems that 25 percent of employees in Wyoming are having an adult beverage during their work time. This percentage ranked Wyoming as the 38th most in the nation.

So for the most part, we're being relatively good during work hours. Unlike a state such as Alaska who ranked at the top of the list for employees drinking while on the job. It seems that 67 percent of Alaskan employees are enjoying some adult beverages on the job. I'm really eager to see some of their employee policies from that state.

It also looks like Wyoming's drink of choice while at work is some type of liquor, as is the case for just about all the states out west and on the west coast. However, our neighbors to the south in Colorado prefer beer. They also drink the 14th most while on the job as 41 percent of their employees are kicking back a few cold ones while one the clock. To view the full list in its entirety, check out the link here.

Regardless, we've hit the weekend, Wyoming! Please drink responsibly and cheers!

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