Applebee's is going out of their way to help celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by releasing a couple of new premium holiday cocktails.

The new holiday themed cocktails are selling for just $5 and they are massive! The new drinks are called '$5 Sleigh Bell Sips'. Now through the holiday season, you can go grap one over at the Cheyenne Applebee's at 1401 Dell Range Blvd.

The first of the two new holiday concoctions is the Berry Merry Colada which will taste sort of like, you guessed it, pina coladas along with a strawberry swirl mixed with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Midori.

The second festive drink is known as Reindeer Punch. And for the record, it is most certainly not made from actual reindeer. The new Reindeer Punch will be made with Smirnoff Vodka, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice (luckily there wasn't a shortage after all those Fleetwood Mac - 'Dreams' TikTok videos) with Sweet & Sour and a cherry.

Both of those drinks literally sound like they would taste like Christmas.

On top of all that deliciousness, the drinks come served in a giant 'Mucho' glass (that's what they're called). That's what I meant when I said they were massive. It seems that Applebee's is continuing their festive holiday traditions of the $5 drinks after what they did for Halloween.

It'll be nice to celebrate this holiday season with some extremely large cheap drinks at Applebee's. After all, they're certainly well deserved after the 2020 we've had. Enjoy!

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