During the pandemic, especially when you're confined to your own home, it can be easy for some to pass the time by having a few drinks every now and then no matter where you are. Recent data has shown an increase in alcohol sales in Wyoming as a result.

The Cowboy State Daily reports that according to a University of Wyoming survey show that alcohol sales and consumption increased during the pandemic and the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center showed a 16.5 percent increase in alcohol consumption during the months of March, April, and May.

In June, of those that were surveyed, reasons for alcohol consumption varied with the following data as a result:

  • 60.4% - Boredom
  • 46.2% - Isolation from others
  • 43.5% - Stress

The survey also showed that from March to May, 75.9 percent said their alcohol consumption remained at about the same level while less than 8 percent said they were drinking less than during the months leading up the start of the pandemic.

In comparison to last year, February alcohol sales were up $600,000 across the state. Then in March, with alcohol sales totaling about $10.8 million in Wyoming, that's an increase of $1.3 million from March 2019. Sales in April were just about the same as the year prior.

Personally, as a casual/social drinker, my alcohol purchased has been relatively about the same, probably due to my penchant for being a creature of routine. Regardless, however you're holding up with everything, please drink responsibly!

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