Thrillist took it upon themselves to find out what the 'Weirdest Roadside Attraction' in each states is. For Wyoming's, you would have to travel to the western side of the state to the town of Afton.

Afton is home to the Elk Horn Arch, which happens to literally be an elk horn arch that stretches across four lanes of highway in Afton. It's made from the antlers of more than 3,000 elk and weighs about 15 tons.

Thrillist noted that the antlers are enough to decorate every hunting lodge in the state and then some.

As for some other notable and regional spot that were also labeled the 'Weirdest Roadside Attraction' in their respective state, some are listed as follows:

  • Colorado - Bishop Castle (Rye)
  • Nebraska - Nebraska Rest Area (Box Butte-Wright-Lake Election Precinct) - Also, it's a lot stranger than just a 'rest area'
  • New Mexico - Basically everything in New Mexico - Seriously.
  • North Carolina - World's Largest Chest of Drawers (High Point) - It's exactly what it sounds like.

Feel free to check out what was picked out as each state's weirdest roadside attraction here.

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