As if we thought we were done with 2020, it had to get one more jab in before we move on. Pepperidge Farm is making its customers aware that some cookies could be in short supply during the holiday season.

Campbell Soup, the parent company of Pepperidge Farm, says that their production of some cookies could slow down due to a series of "supply constraints". Since the start of the pandemic, demand for Pepperidge Farm cookies has increased by 8.7 percent prior to November 1st. Increased demand in addition to labor shortages due to the pandemic have made it tough for the company to meet its expected production.

A Campbell's spokesperson revealed the cookies that may see a shortage from the Pepperidge Farm brand during the holiday season:

Our cookies with unique shapes, like the Bordeaux and Chessmen varieties, have been more impacted by supply constraints. They're very specific recipes, so because of demand, you might not be able to find as many of these specific varieties.

Recent reports from Top Data show that during the pandemic, demand for cookies in general has increased by 25 percent.

Regardless of the supply chain issues, Campbell's spokesperson also mentioned that Pepperidge Firm is still making its cookies as efficiently as they can. They even noted that there will still be plenty of Pepperidge Farm cookies to leave out for Santa.

Shortages are nothing new to 2020, i.e.; toilet paper, meat, pepperoni, Dr. Pepper, hand sanitizer, etc. And now Pepperidge Farm cookies could be taking a hit. But we'll persevere. There's less than three weeks left in 2020, everyone. We got this!

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