While there is already a Veterans' Home of Wyoming, the plan is to expand it and give it a new skilled nursing facility for vets, according to Wyoming Public Media.

The Veterans' home is 960 acres of land at the bottom of Bighorn Mountain, it is where Fort McKinney use to be (former U.S. Army post). There is plenty to do on the property like fish, enjoy nature, grow some plants in the greenhouse, etc. The home already takes care of veterans from the age of 25 to 92. At any time there could be anywhere from 76 to 103 veterans in the home. The home provides the vets with medical and physical needs, plus they take care of mental health and substance abuse.

The new skilled nursing facility will help with the vets that are getting older and just can't take care of themselves on a daily basis. They will get help with bathing and feeding themselves for example.

The new facility will have 36 beds available for vets. The biggest concern is making sure that the costs for the vets stay down and they can afford it. The Wyoming Veterans Commission, the Wyoming Department of Health, and the State Construction Department have been working together since 2018 to make this building happen.

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