Need a solid excuse for a day off from work? In Wyoming, there's a few convenient ways to play hooky. Check out some of our favorites...


  • Cooper, Townsquare Media
    Cooper, Townsquare Media

    Truck Won't Start

    This excuse is solid for at least one day off a winter. If you have a nice truck, make sure it's only one day. If you have a rough looking truck, you might be able to get two days out of work with this one.

  • ThinkStock

    Hunting Trip

    In Wyoming, most folks understand the annual hunting trip, or hype around opening day. Usually bosses will give you a pass if you tell them about your early morning and all that activity you did in the outdoors.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Wind

    You have to get creative here. If part of your house has blown away (oddly believable in Wyoming.) Or, if you've lost important documents in the wind, your boss just might give you a pass. True story - I lost part of a presentation in the wind in Laramie and nobody questioned it.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    My Dog Is Sick

    Wyoming folks typically love their dogs. As long as this isn't an overused excuse for you, bosses won't question taking a day to tend to your pooch.

  • David McNew, Getty Images
    David McNew, Getty Images

    Calving Season

    If you've ever seen a rancher during calving season, you understand this. They've been up all day and all night. Don't have cows yourself? Everyone in Wyoming knows someone who does so tell your boss you were helping a friend.

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