As far as I could find, Wyoming doesn't have an official state food. Some people on the internet seem to think it should be Rocky Mountain Oysters. But, while good, they always just seemed like something you'd serve tourists to laugh at them.

No, I think the real, official food of Wyoming, is steak. Bison is good, a juicy hamburger will hit the spot; but a nice cut of beef, grilled to perfection, is a slice of Wyoming heaven.

Steak is something you can have on anytime. It's the perfect centerpiece for a fine dining experience. Steak is also great in a sandwich for lunch, or for supper when you want to impress your future in-laws. Everyone from all walks of Wyoming life knows the joy of a primal cut.

We wanted to know where is the best place in Cheyenne, Wyoming to get that meaty perfection. So we turned to you, the people of the Capital City, who would know. We asked on Facebook where the best steak in Cheyenne is, here are your top five answers.

Cheyenne's Best Steak

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