Sometimes people can go pretty overboard when it comes to purchasing items. We saw that firsthand at the start of the pandemic when toilet paper started vanishing off the store shelves. But just what is the most disproportionately purchased item in Wyoming?

Zippia recently did some research to find out what each state's most disproportionately purchased item is. They did so by looking at product imports per capita.

Perhaps Wyoming's might be the most reasonable of any state. It happens to be 'Military Apparel'. That makes perfect sense given our military bases throughout the state. However, some states have some items as their most disproportionately purchased item that aren't so reasonable.

For instance, in New Mexico, residents seem to be purchasing 'Nuclear Reactors', because what citizen wouldn't want of those? Delaware is purchasing an excess amount of 'Chloroform' which is disturbing. Be sure to lock your doors if you ever happen to go there. And perhaps the most bizarre disproportionately item is in Indiana, which is 'Human Blood'. Perhaps there's a vampire and/or cannibal colony in that state that we're not aware of.

To check out the full list of the most disproportionately purchased item for each state, click the link here.

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