Who wants to go Skijoring?  Some Wyoming residents did over the weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for their inaugural race, according to Steamboat Pilot and Today.

Most may be wondering what Skijoring is in the first place.  Skijoring dates back thousands of years, all the way to the Yuan and Ming Dynasties (1271-1644) in China.  But it was first introduced as an actual sport in 1901 at the Nordic Games in Stockholm.  Skijoring found its way to the United States in 1915.  Skijoring is when a person straps on a pair of skis, wears a belt that is attached to either a horse, dog (dogs), or a vehicle and then pulled around in various events.

Over the weekend at Bitter Sweet Ranch on the Elk River, 30 teams, with 50 competitors showed to see who was the best Skijorer out there.  Each team had one horseback rider towing the rope, one skier for jumps and obstacles.  Skijoring has been taking place in Steamboat for over 100 years.

Each team had a chance to win somewhere between $3,000-$4,000 in cash prizes.  In Division 2, Joh Hyde of Boulder, Wyoming took first with his skier, Natty Haygood from Jackson, Wyoming.  Also, in Division 3, Tom Chant of Baggs, Wyoming took first with his skier Will Faust from Saratoga, Wyoming.

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