Local singer-songwriters from Wyoming will perform live sets from their home studios on Friday night (May 15th). The sets will be original music from the musicians.

'HomeFest' is set to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Friday night as each of the singer-songwriters are expected to perform 30 to 40 minute live sets. The live event will stream on the Facebook page of Wyoming Singer-Songwriters.

Several Wyoming artists have been previously featured on the Friday night series. You can still catch those performances on the Wyoming Singer-Songwriters Facebook page as well. The local artist also tell stories about their original songs during the event.

The lineup and schedule for Friday night will go as follows:

  • Ryan Archibald of Laramie
  • Kaycee Ten Boer of Lander
  • Chris Weydeveld of Casper
  • Jim and Mary Angell of Cheyenne

There will be a 'HomeFest' concert on Saturday, May 23rd that will feature eight to 10 musicians playing roughly 30-minute sets each. That full lineup has not been released yet. For more info on the concert series, the concerts' organizer, Jon Gardzelewski can be reached at 307-343-0088.

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