In light of the 4/20 holiday celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts, police in Wyoming, Minnesota have set up a 4/20 "undercover operation."

A police officer posed for this humorous photo on the Wyoming, MN PD Twitter page. He has placed snacks and video games as "pothead bait" and waits behind a table with a giant net.

The Minnesota police department aren't the only ones having a little fun with 4/20. In Washington, Illinois police officers told their Facebook followers "WPD offers fair warning to anyone partaking in celebrating that we will be baiting the traffic trap with junk food. Stay safe Thursday and every day: don't smoke (or chew, or vape, or dab or anything else) and drive!"

Washington Illinois Police Department
Washington Illinois Police Department

And the Iowa State University Police Department also set up a 4/20 trap, baiting it with a giant box of doughnuts.


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