Given that Wyoming is the least populous state and has one of the highest proportioned rural areas throughout the U.S., you would expect the state to have one of the least vulnerable populations to Covid-19.

Our friends at WalletHub recently researched which states (along with Washington, D.C.) in the U.S. are the most and least vulnerable to Covid-19 based on their population. As a result, Wyoming is the 43rd most vulnerable population to the virus.

One might wonder, how are they not the absolute least vulnerable population? The reason why is due to the several key factors considered in the research. Such factors were 'shared population aged 65 and older', 'share of the unsheltered homeless population', and share of population living in poverty'. These determining factors were also used in ranking Wyoming when it comes to the following categories:

  • Medical Vulnerability (48th)
  • Housing Vulnerability (19th)
  • Financial Vulnerability (39th)

It's important to remember that when viewing those rankings, the higher the number means the state is less vulnerable to Covid-19 based on the research. Therefore, being ranked 48th in 'medical vulnerability' is a much more positive ranking than West Virginia, ranked 1st in that category and 1st overall, which means they're the most vulnerable population to Covid-19.

Bordering states Montana (46th), Colorado (50th), and Utah (51st) had even less vulnerable populations to Covid-19 based on the research.

While the research is certainly a positive ranking for Wyoming compared to most states, please continue to stay safe, everyone!

To see where all other states rank, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub
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