A certain beast has been unleased on a Wyoming ranch and it is infuriating its co-inhabitants. Its antics were caught on video as this 'farm terrorist' continues its reign of mischief among several co-inhabitants. Be on the lookout for this troublemaker.

What's even crazier about this so-called farm terrorist is that it's only 45 days old! He goes by the name 'Copper' and causes chaos and havoc wherever he goes.

We're getting ahead of ourselves with the warnings. The video of this farm terrorist is one of the best things you will see all day. Imagine trying to put up with the high jinks of this particular rascal on an everyday basis. He's absolutely ruthless and that is on full display from what you're about to see here. Please be advised, the footage you are about to see may be disturbing...Wait, no, not disturbing. The footage is actually very cute...

To recap, the farm terrorist, aka 'Copper', has several warning signs to look out for:

  • Causes mad cow
  • Attacks random dirt piles
  • Growls like a bear
  • Runs enough to make you puke
  • Jumps like a gazelle

It's almost maddening. So maddening, that it's actually adorable. Daily adorable chaos has taken over that ranch. The video comes from HB Farm Cooperative. While their front is being a truly legitimate self-sustaining cooperative in Wyoming and Idaho while watching animals grow and blossom, they also capture videos like the one you saw of the farm terrorist, Copper.

In all seriousness, this video was well narrated and shows how awesome it can be to see these animals having fun on a ranch.

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