Barstool Sports is at it again with a list of popular tailgate foods in each state. For Wyoming, they think the most popular tailgate food is canned goods from Hungry Jack's General Store in Wilson, Wyo.

Barstool Sports teamed up with Nick Turani to comprise this list. After reading the list and seeing what some of the other states like to have for tailgating we soon realized that Barstool and Nick were having some fun. They claim that Arizona loves to grill up  Ecstasy before a game. The people in Kansas enjoy eating just mayonnaise to get ready for the Jayhawks. Massachusetts gets ready for the Patriots by enjoying the all-new Dunkin Donuts made-to-order Wake-Up Wrap. In my opinion, the best tailgate food was West Virginia with Skoal Cherry Chewing Tobacco.

So, for this week's big game of Wyoming vs. Missouri make sure you head on over to Hungry Jack's General Store to get some canned goods for everyone. Barstool Sports says to make sure you say hi to Ol' Jack Ambrose and check the date on your canned goods.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

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