We all know this is coming. It starts to get warm as Spring makes its way through Wyoming. You get home after dark, look up at the light post or maybe light by your front or back door. What is it you see? THE SWARM. Yes, a whole swarm of nasty Miller Moths hanging out by a light, being gross and waiting for you to open your door so they can be indoor Mille Moths.

I feel like, if we had a list of ten items that we would give someone thinking about moving to Wyoming, the first thing would be, "we're full", followed by a wind warning, and somewhere in the list, the abomination that are Miller Moths. Maybe just give an unsuspecting potential new resident a jar of Miller Moths, slightly opened so it'll come out when they're in their car. Wicked stuff.

Now, I know that I'm not the only one that thinks these gross winged monsters from Hades are awful, a Wyoming TikToker also decided to weigh in on Miller Moths. I think I was nicer than he is in the video if I'm being honest.

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Yeah, Miller Moths are the worst. This is a seasonal warning that they're coming. So, be sure to look out for those street lights, outdoor lights at your home, and more. They'll be there, waiting and watching you. As they fly distracted by a giant beaming light. They'll make their way into our homes soon enough. And you'll get that dust that they have on them all over the place.

You've been warned.

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