For most folks in Cheyenne Wyoming word of the Tump plane landing at the Cheyenne Regional Airport came from Cheyenne's Mayor Orr posting a picture of the twin engine jet on her Face Book page.

However they heard it, word spread quickly and the parking lot filled immediately.

Curious onlookers took selfies and pictures of their kids through the chain linked and barbwire fence. A few left home so quickly to see the plane they arrived with their coat over their pajamas. That includes adults.

The famous plane landed just as the sun was setting. Those who where there say they saw the passengers deplane and ride off in a convoy of black SUV's in tight formation.

Everyone was asking who was on the plane. No one saw.

Word in the parking lot was that the folks at the airports flight based operator said they were off to Saratoga for the weekend. If that is true then the plane might just stay there through the weekend.

The gathering of onlookers turned from picture taking to groups chatting about if the passengers were trumps kids or maybe just people who worked for him to stories of the large percentage of people in Wyoming who voted for Trump.

No word yet on when the plane might be leaving, but there are more than a few people who would love to catch a glimpse of the passengers when they return and see the famed plane take off.

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