Despite the fact that fans across Major League Baseball haven't been able to display their displeasure (yet) with the Houston Astros and their infamous cheating scandal, there's now a new beer that fans can shame the Astros with.

'Trash Banger Beer' from Departed Soles, a brewery based out of Jersey City, New Jersey, has released the new beer that sports the Houston Astros colors from the 1980s.

The name of the beer is a blatant reference to the fact that the Astros would bang a trash can to signal to hitters what pitch was coming, as evidenced by several videos.

The beer is a session IPA with a 5.4 % BAC. Baseball fans from multiple cities around the league have been inquiring about the beer. However, at this time, it is only sold at the Departed Soles brewery in New Jersey.

Owner and head brewer, Brian Kulbacki, has expressed interest in distributing the beer elsewhere once the pandemic is over with the hopes of doing so to raise money for charity. Perhaps we may see the beer available for purchase at MLB stadiums down the road.

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