Parents couldn't be happier when it's time for kids to go back to school until they go school shopping. Yes, of course, you have to get the requirements the school asks for, but we forget about new clothes, shoes, food, etc...

We went online to and, took the list from the Laramie County School District #1 K-6 and added it all up.

Back to school:

1 box of #2 pencils (24 count)- $.47 (Ticonderoga)

2 boxes of tissue-$3.97 (Puffs)

4 glue sticks-$4.79 (Elmer's)

1 box of fat washable markers (10 count)-$3.23 (Crayola)

1 box of crayons-$1.50 (Crayola)

2 large erasers-$4.64 (Papermate)

1 backpack- boy:$9.98 (Wonder Nation) girl:$14.88 (Eastport)

Clothes- boy: jeans $13.46 x3=$40.48 (Wrangler) shirts $9.98 on average x3=$29.94 girl: jeans $11.94 x3=$35.82 (Jordache) shirts $5.00 on average x3=$15.00

Haircut- boy:$14.00 on average girl: $15.00 on average

Lunch box- boy:$12.49 (OPUX) girl: $21.99 on average

Shoes- boy:$39.99 (Adiddas) girl:$33.99 (Roxy)

Socks- boy:$11.97 (20 pack Wonder Nation) girl:$11.97 (20 pack Wonder Nation)

Underwear- boy:$7.97 (6 pack Hanes) girl:$12.99 (6 pack Fruit of the Loom)

Food-$2.42 on average daily x5 days a week=$12.10 for lunches on average

Total= 1 boy:$201.42 1 girl:$202.34

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