We've all Googled embarrassing things before. Maybe you've even Googled something embarrassing on Thanksgiving. If you have, maybe Google may have just kept track of that and let us know so we can bask in your embarrassment. Let's find out what the most embarrassing thing Wyoming has Googled on Thanksgiving.

Through Google trends, our friends at Zippia were able to narrow down exactly what the most embarrassing thing from each state was last year. In Wyoming, I don't think it's that all embarrassing. We Googled 'Is McDonald's open?'. For those of you who are great cooks out there or maybe even take pride in your family dinners, sure, that could earn a snicker or two. But there's also been times when you just can't take eating any more Thanksgiving leftovers.

As someone who can't cook and is not always satisfied with family Thanksgiving dinners, I totally get it. Not that embarrassing. However, there are definitely some states out there who need to feel embarrassed about what they're typing into their Google search bar during the holiday.

For example, there's Indiana (it seems like Indiana's always a culprit here). They Googled, 'how to unclog a toilet without a plunger'. Do I even want to know why you don't have a plunger? In California, they Googled, 'Racist Grandma'. That's terrible, but what's even worse? Louisiana Googling 'Racist Family'. Yikes! While they certainly have their personal problems with moral civility, you could always be Alaska. They Googled 'Divorce Lawyer'. It appears there are lots of people with personal problems on Thanksgiving.

We'll keep searching for an open McDonald's in Wyoming and let's hope that's the worst thing we continue to Google during the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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