What Haunted City in Wyoming Has Had the Most Ghost Sightings?
This time of year is absolutely amazing! Unless of course you hate being spooked and scared of course. We are just over two weeks away from Halloween and as it gets closer, everyone is getting ready, almost as if there's something in the air about this time of year. Everyone likes to talk about scary stories or haunted spots. So where's the most haunted city in Wyoming, and better yet, what haunted city has had the most ghost sightings?
A Driver Shares Terrifying Video of 2 Apparitions Crossing a Road
I am a pretty skeptical person. I've done a lot of professional photo and video, so when someone tells me they have a photo or video of a ghost, I begin determined to debunk it. But, this video which I've just come across is something I can't explain. It shows two apparitions crossing a road and it is legitimately creepy.
Haunted Hotel in WYO
Quaint Greybull, Wyoming is home to hard working ranchers, friendly small town folks, and ghosts? According to legend, at least one place in town may be.
Haunted Wyoming
Most Wyomingites know the history of the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Powell, as a World War II camp for relocation of Japanese. Did you know it has also been a sight of spiritual activity?