The Taco John's on S. Greeley Highway has not only been shut down for a few months but it was torn down as well. The site is now the location for the brand-new Taco John's restaurant, according to KGWN.

When we say a new restaurant it is more than just building a new place. This restaurant will be first of its kind for Taco John's. If you have been into a McDonald's lately you may have seen kiosks to order your own food yourself. Well, expect this new Taco John's ones to have those same sort of thing. Taco John's plans to start remodeling all their restaurants next year.

This new Taco John's will have a new logo, new technology, exterior menu boards that you can read. Also, their dining room area will be much bigger than in the past.

Alan Wright, Vice President for Marketing of Taco John's told KGWN. “This restaurant has a whole new look and feel about it, and it’s a catalyst for where we are going in the next 50 years. Cheyenne is our home and we can’t wait to give our city the first newly re-designed Taco John’s.”

Taco John's food truck is still down the street from the S. Greeley location daily in a parking lot. That truck will be there until Taco John's opens which should be the middle of this month. They are looking to hire 70 new employees.

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