There are several unique aspects of Cheyenne that outsiders will just not ever get. Here are a few things about Cheyenne we all know to be true.

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    We All Know A Little Country-Even if We Say We Don't

    We all know at least a little country music. We might not actively listen to it, but it's everywhere. So we absorb it. People cannot avoid country in this town even if they want to. We can belt out "Friends in Low Places" at Karaoke, we just act like we can't.

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    We Love/Hate Cheyenne Frontier Days

    We love CFD for all the crazy fun stuff there is to do. We hate CFD for all the traffic and people. We love and hate CFD at the same time, and that's ok. We can hit downtown and the catch a night show and gripe about the crime and traffic too. So if we say we hate it, that doesn't mean we aren't getting free pancakes and watching the high school bands rock the parades. It's just how we roll. Regardless of how we feel, by the end of it, we are all glad it's over.

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    Breakfast and Steaks

    If you want a nice fancy sit down restaurant, Cheyenne has limited options. But if you want a great breakfast or nice steak, Cheyenne has you covered. The Luxury Diner, The R&B Breakfast Club and the Diamond Horseshoe have been doing great breakfast for years. Each has its own great spin on a great Cheyenne food. Meanwhile, T-Joes, the Albany and Terry Bison offer classic steak dinners for those who want it cool authentic western style service. Plus there are several other places in this town to stuff your watering mouth.

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    East, Central, South—High Schools Matter

    It doesn't matter which one you went to...Actually, it totally does. We might not be sure why it matters, but it that's just how it is. South has its rough and tumble legacy. East has its demilitarized zone like parking lot. Central has its tiny hallways. And when you meet someone who said they grew up here, it's the first thing you ask. But we all know which one is really better.

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    The Refinery Flame Actually Looks Enchanting Some Days

    Yeah, it's true. We love to talk crap about the refinery for a slew of reasons, but the flame is actually a bit enchanting on some nights. It dances so brightly that newcomers call 911 thinking the neighbor's house might be on fire, but it turns out it's just the bright refinery flame a few miles away. But don't ask us to admit it right away.

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    We've Got at Least One Portrait at Lion's Park

    Need family photos, engagement shots, senior pics, you and your dog looking cute in the sunset?...Lion's Park has you covered. We all had a picture taken at the park. Some of us only had our pictures taken there. We just know to watch out for the geese droppings.

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    We Are a Beautiful Multicultural Mashup

    People come to Cheyenne expecting a certain type of "Western folk". But because of the Air Force base, geographic location and history we actually have a bit of multicultural flavor here that shocks many outsiders. The city is comprised of all sorts of working class and educated folks looking to put food on the table and have a good time. So for the most part, we "Live and Let Live." Sure we might gossip a little or tease a bit, but at the end of the day we work together and try to brave the winters together.


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