Her name is Karen Fettig, she started her mission at the Montana state line and doesn't plan to stop until she gets to the Colorado border, according to County 10.

Karen started her mission of riding her horse across the state to raise awareness about human trafficking. Along her journey, she will stop in cities and towns to raise awareness by putting on seminars and training classes.

At the beginning of her journey, things weren't looking so well.  She and the horse got sick and had to postpone everything. But Karen and her horses are back underway and just left Riverton last week. They are getting closer and closer to the Colorado border every day.

For more information about human trafficking, visit the Beneath Our Wings website. If you would like to follow Karen's excursion, click here for the Facebook page that tracks Karen's mission.

Beneath Our Wings is located in the Big Horn Basin. They educate people on human trafficking, sexting and any other subject that affects today's youth (especially young girls).

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