Keith Urban

Friday, July 26th, couldn't have been a more gorgeous night for an outside concert with Walker Hayes and Keith Urban.

As Cheyenne Frontier Days are winding down Walker Hayes came out for his first time ever at the Daddy Of Em All and killed it, while sporting a Wyoming Cowboys hoodie. His energy was infectious throughout the whole arena. If he keeps up the work he does he will be back to CFD a lot more in the future.

With the energy Walker left in the arena, it was perfect for Keith Urban to come out and do his thing. This was Keith's third time playing at CFD. He got on that stage and owned it from the first note that was played on his guitar. His guitar solos were absolutely mesmerizing. Keith had microphones set-up all over the stage and even in the crowd. At one point he walked through the crowd, finished a song at the mic set-up in the crowd and then gave his guitar away to a lucky fan.

What was your favorite part of Keith Urban?

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