Nashville duo Meg & Tyler and St. Louis rapper Chingy are ready to get down in their new collaboration, "The Woah Down." The creative trio is premiering the track exclusively with The Boot; press play below to listen.

Chingy, known for hip-hop hits including "Holidae Inn" and "Right Thurr," was introduced to Meg & Tyler -- that's Meghan Linsey, formerly of Steel Magnolia and a runner-up on The Voice, and her producer and fiance Tyler Cain -- by his cousin, Stan, who met the pair in Music City. Stan told Chingy (real name: Howard Bailey Jr.) he thought they'd "vibe," so Chingy came to visit.

"I just really dig Nashville and all the creatives here," Chingy says. "We hit it off immediately."

With a title that's a play on the word "hoedown," "The Woah Down" was written by the trio and produced by Chingy and Cain, who calls the song "everything I enjoy about collaborating." Linsey describes the creation process "effortless," and says the energy in the studio was "magic."

"We all brought our different worlds together to create a new sound that pushes genre boundaries," Cain continues. "It has been a great vibe making this record together, and we hope that that same energy will lift people up and make them feel good."

While they were in the studio together, Linsey had the song's hook, and Chingy began creating a beat while Cain added a bit of twang on guitar. "I went into the vocal booth and started freestyling," Chingy shares, "and at the end of the day, we had "The Woah Down.""

"Working with Meg & Tyler was great because the chemistry was solid and natural," Chingy adds. "Meg has this soulful voice and is very creative. Tyler is a musical genius who plays instruments and sings, so their talent blended in with my creativity is magical!"

"This ya summertime jam when ya chillin' with ya fam / Then ya get with ya girl or ya get with ya man / We gonna sit around a fire, drink some liquor and just dance / We should enjoy ourselves and spread the love is all I’m saying," Chingy raps in the song's second verse, before Linsey comes in on the chorus: "You gotta lean to the left, then dip it to the right / Move it down real slow, then ya lose your mind."

"The Woah Down" has a dance to go with it, too. Fans will be able to learn the moves from the song's official music video, which will arrive on Friday (April 24).

Listen to Meg & Tyler and Chingy's "The Woah Down"

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