Jason Aldean and his toddler Memphis have engaged in perhaps the most endearing argument a father and son can have. The two humorously feuded over which one loves Mommy the most.

Mommy, of course, being Brittany Aldean (née Kerr), the wife of the country singer and mother to both 2-year-old Memphis and her latest bundle of joy with the "Got What I Got" crooner, 18-month-old daughter Navy Rome.

Over the weekend, Brittany shared a slice of her life with Jason and the kids — a funny video that shows the musician and his boy play-arguing about their shared love for Brittany. However, the toddler understandably seems pretty serious about his childlike attachment — as nearly any 2-year-old would— while Jason jokingly prods the youngster.

Brittany lovingly described the cute quarrel as one of the most pervasive among the Aldean homestead. "Top three arguments in our household," she says alongside the adorable video on Instagram, "Alabama vs. Georgia, Hunting Season [and] Who loves mama the most."

"You're not very nice!" Memphis exclaims as the two contend for who can call Brittany "my mommy."

"I love mommy more, that's all I'm sayin'," Jason responds.

The faux tiff among the Aldean boys sends the toddler into a brief screaming fit before he runs to embrace his off-camera mother.

The family recently completed a luxurious new home in Nashville, which Jason built following the release of his latest album, 9. But the kids aren't the only thing keeping the place swimming along: the couple also recently adorned the outdoor area with some new koi fish.

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