Some people absolutely love cutting their lawn and some see it as a chore they get stuck with doing when they could be doing other things. But just how much time do you spend in your lifetime mowing the lawn?

A landscape publication known as House Method researched which parts of the country spend the most time in their lifetime mowing their lawn. Unfortunately, the research isn't exactly broken down into state-by-state, but rather by region. It turns out that in the West region, we don't have to spend nearly as much time as everyone else in the U.S.

The West has the smallest average yard size, which is about .12 acres, and even those with just a small push mower may only spend about half a day per year mowing the lawn. And even better, those with riding lawn mowers spend about 0.1 days each year to mow. Those riding mowers definitely make a difference.

It seems the northeast takes the longest per year to mow their lawn which makes perfect sense given that their average yard size is 0.30 acres! Why are their yards so big in the northeast? Build your houses closer together or something! They mow their yards an average of 98 percent more than the rest of the U.S. Note to self, never get a house with a push mower in the northeast.

Throughout the U.S., the average yard size is 0.15 acres. Depending on your yard size and what type of mower you have, you can spend anywhere from 7 to 47 days of your lifetime mowing grass, which is about 0.17 percent of your lifetime.

It seems that those who enjoy it usually spend about 90 percent of the rest of the week staring at their lawn and admiring it. That's not an official statistic, it's just something I notice with people who enjoy mowing. As for me, I do not, I want no part of yard maintenance ever. That being said, I'm very appreciative of those who take the time to mow their lawn, including those that take care of the landscape maintenance at my apartment.

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