How do you prepare for a Wyoming snowstorm? The stereotypical things to get is bread, eggs, and milk.  But, how much beer do you need to survive the storm?

The East Coast is always getting hit with their typical winter snowstorms.  Last year, Chris Sowers, a meteorologist for WPVI in Philadelphia was reporting on an incoming storm.  Someone took a screenshot of the weather map, then Photoshopped the map to show how many bottles of wine you will need to survive the storm.

The nonidentified photoshopper broke down how many bottles you need depending on how many inches are predicted to fall.  1"-2" was at least one bottle of wine, 2"-4" was three bottles of wine, 4"-8" was seven bottles of wine, 8"-12" was 15 bottles of wine and anywhere from 12"-20" requires 25 bottles of wine.

In Wyoming, for most of us win isn't our first drink of choice.  So how many 6-packs, 12-packs, or cases do you need to survive a Wyoming winter storm?

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