As of July 1st, E-bikes will be allowed on the trails In Wyoming State Parks that were normally designed for non-motorized vehicles, according to Sweet Water Now.

E-bikes have been the big craze across the country but no one knew how to regulate it. After talking with many local bicycle shop owners and getting State Senator Tara Nethercott to sponsor the bill, the Wyoming State Legislature passed SF81, and Gov. Mark Gordon signed the bill into law.

Starting July 1st, Type-1 E-bikes will be allowed on the trails, while Type-2 E-bikes will not be allowed yet. The difference between a Type-1 and a Type-2 is Type-1 is pedal assist and doesn't have a throttle, Type-2 has a throttle. The rules are being written up for Type-1's right now, but the Wyoming State Parks will start experimenting with Type-2's to see if they have any effect on the trails, if not, the rules will be written up for them as well and they will be allowed on the trails too.

Go on out, grab an E-bike and hit the trails July 1st.

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