It was announced yesterday that 1,000 Family Dollar Stores nationwide will start selling alcoholic beverages, according to USA Today.

Dollar Tree, which is the parent company of Family Dollar, purchased the chain in 2015 in an effort to revamp the stores, give them a new look and keep them open. Retail stores are struggling even more nowadays due to more and more online shopping. Now that alcohol will be sold in Family Dollar stores, it makes them more of a one-stop shop for people on the go.

"In our view, Family Dollar remains a drag on performance and its transformation will continue to absorb both management time and company capital for the remainder of this year and beyond," GlobalData Retail managing director Neil Saunders wrote in a press release Thursday, but "fortunately, the steps being taken to improve performance at Family Dollar appear to be working."

As of right now, no one knows which Family Dollar stores will be selling the alcohol. But in an effort to fix the decline in sales, Dollar Tree is taking action. 400 Family Dollar stores are getting an expanded freezer and cooler section, 1,000 Family Dollar stores are going to be renovated, and close to 200 Family Dollar stores will change their name to Dollar Tree.

There are currently 28 Family Dollar locations throughout the state of Wyoming, with three in Cheyenne. We will wait to see which ones will serve alcohol.

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