The City of Cheyenne announced late Friday afternoon (April 17) that because of "significant revenue shortfalls caused by both the downturn in the coal, oil, and gas markets and the COVID-19 pandemic," the City has laid off 17 employees.

Two people from the Mayor's department were let go, along with one from the City Clerk's department, four from Public Works, six from Community Recreation/Events, and two each from the police and fire departments. Additionally, three unfilled vacancies in the police department will remain unfilled.

“These have been some of the most difficult conversations and decisions we have had to face in recent times. These aren’t merely positions that are being cut. These are people who came to work for the City of Cheyenne to better their community. My heart is heavy, and we will provide each of those impacted with the resources they need to avail themselves of unemployment benefits, as well as re-employment opportunities through the Department of Workforce Services,” Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said in a statement.

According to the City of Cheyenne, the people affected will remain employed through May 1, with their employer-sponsored health insurance continuing until the end of May.

The decision for the reduction in force was made with combined communication between Department Directors, Human Resources, the City Treasurer, and the Mayor’s office. Members of the Cheyenne City Council were made aware of the decision.


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