You don't need to go on television to find love, it will come to you on February 22nd as the Bachelor Live comes to the Cheyenne Civic Center, according to ShortGo.

After 23 seasons, the Bachelor is the most successful romance reality show. It includes two spin-offs, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and now this Live version. Just like any show, The Bachelor is a season-long show, so you have to wait week after week for more drama and see who gets kicked off next. During the live show, you will get a whole season of drama right on stage. This gives the community a chance to find love right here that they never knew existed.

This is what the host, Ben Higgins had to say:

“I am so pumped to host the Bachelor live tour,” said host Ben Higgins. “Bachelor Nation, or maybe I should say the whole Bachelor family, has brought me a ton of joy over the years. I came into this experience as a man trying to process life, and as a result you all have celebrated with me in seasons of joy and mourned with me in seasons of pain. I feel like I have friends and family all over the United States because of this show! I am ecstatic to be able come to your cities with an amazing team of people from Warner Bros. to visit you and show you all a taste of what it is like to be on The Bachelor! We are coming to your cities, meeting you in person, and hopefully spreading some love along the way! See you soon Bachelor nation!”

Tickets go on sale, tomorrow, August 9th at 10 am MST. You can go online to or call 307-637-6363. This will not be actors or anyone they bring in from Hollywood. It will be bachelors from right here in town trying to find love with a lovely lady from here in the community.

If you were wondering if Ben Higgins will be here, from the looks of it he is. Strap in for a night of fun, drama, and chance to see which lucky lady will walk away with the final rose.

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