With the pandemic still forcing many to work from home across the country, people are discovering that working remotely isn't so bad after all. And in Cheyenne, it seems that we have access to one of the best cities to live in for working remotely.

Zippia did the research to find what cities in the nation provided not only the amenities to work from home, but also affordability as well and then included three main factors for each city (home size, percentage of population with high speed internet, and average monthly rent) to determine which cities are the best to live in for remote workers.

Cheyenne ranked as the 5th best city in the nation to work from home.

  • In terms of house size, only 10.9 percent of the population has a one bedroom apartment or less. Bigger spaces to live means having a bigger work space when you're working from home.
  • Working remotely requires high-speed internet and 92 percent of the city's population has just that.
  • The average monthly rent in Cheyenne is $893.

Zippia had this to say about ranking Cheyenne on its list:

Remote workers seeking spacious housing, fast internet, and rent they can actually afford should give Cheyenne a serious look. While Wyoming may being to mind cowboys and westerns, that is seriously underselling all the largest Wyoming city of Cheyenne has to offer.

Casper, WY also showed up on the list ranking 7th overall, making certain areas of Wyoming a prime state to be in when it comes to working remotely.

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