Tracy Lawrence and Charlie Daniels Band

As expected with two legendary artists like Tracy Lawrence and The Charlie Daniels Band, they tore the park down Sunday evening.  They entertained nearly 11,000 screaming fans.

Tracy had the crowd excited from the first chord. He played all of his number one's. Everything from, "Alibis" to closing the show with "Find Out Who Your Friends Are." The Frontier Days crowd all joined along with Tracy's hit, "Time Marches On." He also played a George Strait favorite, "Troubadour."

The light rain showered down on the Party Zone crowd as The Charlie Daniels Band took the stage. Charlie Daniels is definitely not afraid to speak his mind and will tell you what he thinks about things. He played homage to Johnny Cash with "Folsom Prison Blues" adding a line in the song referring to the Denver Broncos and shooting a Raider fan. He got the crowd going with his hits, "Simple Man", and "The Legend Of Wooley Swamp." He has a special place in his heart for our Military and First Responders and dedicated the song, "In America" to them all.

He had his great band take over the show with a rocking instrumental and his amazing drummer had a long drum solo that seemed to go on for at least five minutes.

He of course had to make sure the crowd left on a high note and closed the show with an extended "Devil Went Down To Georgia." He said that on his bucket list he wanted to play Cheyenne Frontier Days one more time.

We sure hope this isn't his last time visiting Cheyenne Frontier Days.



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