The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says a ''drastic" change in the weather could arrive in southeast Wyoming towards the middle of next week.

The agency posted this statement on its website on Friday morning:

Heads up to area ranchers and those planning travel next week on a drastic change in the weather. A strong low pressure system looks to move through the area, bringing widespread snow, strong winds and much colder temperatures. The forecast could change, but right now, guidance is showing this low tracking through northern Colorado. A very favorable pattern for heavy snow and blizzard conditions for southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle. Really cold temperatures behind this low as well and we're probably way too warm on our temperature forecast for the middle/end of next week. Could be looking at well below zero overnight temperatures and dangerous windchills Wednesday night through Friday. We're getting the word out early for area ranchers in order for you to protect your livestock. If you have travel plans next week through the area, stay tuned to later updates in the forecast, as travel impacts could be high. Check back on the forecast as the event draws closer.

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