Multiple people spotted a black bear roaming through west Fort Collins over the weekend.

A member of the Fort Collins Neighborhood Watch Facebook page posted a video on Saturday of the small bear running by the Social West Apartments on City Park Avenue. Another member of the group said they had also seen the bear wandering around at City Park not too long before that.

Later in the weekend, a resident had another sighting of the bear hanging out in the Moore neighborhood, which is pretty close to City Park. The resident believed the bear had possibly been traveling down the irrigation ditch, as water was splashing from its feet.

The bear covered some ground over the weekend, as another FoCo resident posted a photo of it walking along the path at Red Fox Meadows off Taft Hill Road and Propsect on Sunday evening.

Animal Control is reportedly tracking the bear. Just last week, CPW safely relocated a moose that was also roaming through Fort Collins.


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